English paper

Kyle Sweezy


English 1002, Section 03

November 28, 2016   

2016 Presidential Election

        Sixty-three million voted left, sixty-two million voted right, fires consume police vehicles and rioters swarm the streets chanting “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”. A fascinating Presidential election is over. The fall of Hillary Clinton, the political outsider who defeated her, and what that means about the American people will be studied for generations.   

        Hillary Clinton was humbled for a second time by an unforeseeable “Trump-train”. This was a bitter yet familiar taste to her. The 2008 presidential election was the first-time Hillary was humbled. The American people were sick of war, largely due to the media’s daily count of the dead and wounded American soldiers. The Democrats successfully separated themselves by deeming it a “Republican war”. Hillary was all but guaranteed the Presidency in 2008. But along came a young, handsome, black Senator from Chicago that was everything she was not. He was a minority, with a perfect smile, who portrayed sincere compassion, a gifted eloquent speaker with charisma flowing out of every pore in his body. That is not to say Hillary Clinton does not have skills, she certainly does. She is well spoken, intelligent, disciplined and fights with ferocity. However, Barak Obama was too much for her and there is no shame in losing to who I consider the most talented politician since Ronald Regan. To give an illustration of the kind of talent I am referring to, observe the 2016 exit polling statistics: 69% of the American people are dissatisfied about the way the government is working, 23% of that 69% are angry. The American people voted and gave the Republican party house majorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate. Despite this backlash against Obama’s policies, he has a 54% approval rating. How anyone can reconcile that is beyond logic. That is talent rarely seen. Hillary losing to Barak Obama is not an upset, but losing to a complete outsider, with no political experience is a terrible upset. How could this have happened to her? Ultimately Hillary was her own worst enemy. She has a nasty history of lying and when caught in a lie, she will lie about lying. Her lying has no shame or morality. She demonstrated that (along with Barak Obama) when she lied to the family members of those soldiers who were killed in Benghazi, Libya along with the rest of the American people through talk shows and interviews. That was completely political, Barak Obama’s reelection was less than two months away and they lied to save him from defeat. Hillary will lie about things that do not seem to matter like being under “sniper fire” in Bosnia. Nobody in their right mind would ever think of Hillary Clinton as Rambo, so why would she lie about that? That kind of lying does not make sense. She said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the among the first men to ever climb Mt. Everest. The only problem is, Sir Edmund didn’t summit Mt. Everest until she was six years old. Perhaps her most famous lie is regarding her “email scandal”. Multiple times she would come out on television and tell the American people that she has never sent nor received any classified material. Upon the FBI ending the investigation without an indictment, Director Comey at a Congressional hearing made it clear that Hillary Clinton lied many times to the American people but not to the FBI. Does this disqualify her from being President of the United States? Yes! Despite Hillary Clinton’s lying problems, this does not stop her base from voting for her. Over sixty million Americans went out of their way on election day, waited in lines and voted for her to be the next President of the United States. Despite the loyalty of democrats to their morally paralyzed candidate, she lost to perhaps the most immature, offensive candidate to ever run for President, Donald J. Trump.

          Like a pissed off teenager, Donald Trump roared from the private sector of society into the political field spewing offensive insults that were strikingly childish. He would call Marco Rubio “little Marco”, Ted Cruz “lyin Ted”, Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas and goofy”, Jeb Bush “low energy Jeb”, John Kasich “1 in 38 Kasich”. While most people think that this is evidence of someone who is not intelligent, I do not make that connection. I do not think I could build a ten-billion-dollar company with a one million-dollar loan. When people ask me about my time overseas patrolling all over Baghdad, Iraq in 2005, they usually think it was just a slaughter like in the movies but it wasn’t. They failed to realize that the enemy combatants who were stupid and didn’t know what they were doing were killed in battle years ago, when the fighting first started. The enemies who were still around in 2005 had over two years of experience and were alive because they were talented and knew what they were doing. Capitalism is the same way. If someone could have taken Trump’s wealth, or defeated him in the business world, they would have. The reason he is still around and widely successful is because like the terrorists in 2005, he is not stupid. However, he is most certainly immature. It is out of immaturity that he says and does the things he does. Perhaps the most famous immature moment was his hot-mic on an Excess-Hollywood tape. While he may insist that the video does not represent who he is, I disagree. That is who Donald Trump is or at least was. Does this immaturity disqualify Donald Trump from being the next President of the United States? Yes! Despite his obvious flaws of inexperience, lack of both constitutional and global knowledge, offensiveness, and immaturity, over sixty million people took time out of their day, waited in a line and casted a vote for him to lead the most powerful country in the world.

       Trump won quite easily, and the reliable blue wall crumbled on election night. Why did that happen? Because Donald Trump came out and apologized for his tape, Hillary Clinton never once apologized for a single lie. My theory is, most people cannot view other people with multiple brands. Most people see other people as being a single brand. For example, whenever Julie sees Alex, though Alex has many attributes, to Julie, Alex is a jerk because of what he said to her one time that made her feel bad. Alex could spend his summers in South America doing missionary work, but to Julie, Alex is and will always be a jerk. Because this is true, Hillary Clinton lost the election because her brand was “lying politician” and Donald Trump’s brand was “outsider”. Had Hillary Clinton taken 30 seconds in a Presidential debate and projected real remorse and ask forgiveness for her short falls, her brand would have been changed and she would be in the White House today.

       What does this election say about the American people? Over 320 million people live in America and these are the two adolescents we get to choose from? The system is not broken, the American people are. There were many decent people on the Republican side to choose from, yet it is Donald Trump that wins the Republican nomination and the Presidency? The past 16 years went from a moderate Republican in Bush to a far-left Democrat in Obama, and now we are headed to an outsider with no established ideology. The question that keeps me up at night is, where does America go when she has already gone everywhere she can constitutionally go? If she ventures outside of the constitution, she is no longer America. How long until she no longer wants to be American?

      The sad truth is that while many of us would rather a more issue-focused election process, in a culture where dishonest media is the new reality television series, it could not be more clear that the American people’s desire to be entertained dwarfs its desire to be led.